Benefits of Spending Your Vacations in the Countryside

May 21, 2019 | Inn

When choosing a vacation spot, many people think of visiting new cities, and then find that the hustle and bustle of getting to all the tourist destination spots, making dinner reservations and staying up late leave them feeling more drained than they were before the vacation. Instead of taking a vacation that feels like more work, consider a relaxing and indulgent vacation in the countryside. Staying at an Inn in Ashland, WI will take all the stress out of traveling. Plus, there are many benefits to taking a vacation in the countryside that you may not be aware of:

  • Peace and quiet: Vacations should be tranquil and relaxing, not busy, busy, busy like the rest of our lives. Being in a quiet environment as opposed to a noisy city or party scene will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • Spend time in nature: It is proven that spending time in nature is good for your health. Natural environments are ideal for recharging and reconnecting with yourself. Contact with nature is proven to help us feel healthier and happier. It can actually reduce stress and negative cardiovascular effects.
  • Slow down: Too many times, vacations become about doing as much as you can with the little time you have—just like the rest of our lives. To get a real break, take a break from planning and scheduling and rushing around and sit still in a peaceful environment. Plan only what’s most important, and enjoy the quiet time with yourself and your loved ones instead.
  • Improve sleep: Spending time in natural light and natural environments will help improve your sleep quality. It allows the brain to recover from the sounds and lights of the city.
  • Reverse negative effects of stress: Studies show that those living in a big city are 40 percent more likely to suffer from mood and stress disorders. Spending time in nature can help destress and help your brain recover from the constant state of stress that living in the city can cause.
  • Fresh, clean air: Another benefit to the countryside is the presence of so much fresh, clean air. Get away from the fumes of cars and city living and give your lungs a break!
  • Fresh, healthy food: The countryside is full of farmers markets and fresh fruit and vegetables. Give your family a taste of how good country living can be while on vacation. Who knows? You might even come back from your countryside vacation thinner than when you left! How many people can boast that?

If you’ve decided on a countryside vacation this year, come explore the natural splendor and intimate rural setting of Second Wind Country Inn, an idyllic Inn in Ashland, WI. Enjoy the rustic elegance, creature comforts and serenity of our 40-acre hobby farm, located minutes from the South Shore of Lake Superior. No matter the season or how long you choose to stay, we promise a peaceful stay, central to beaches, waterfalls and outdoor activities. Book your stay with us today!