Rainy Days

Jan 25, 2021 | Inn

I happen to love rainy days. That doesn’t negate the fact that my favorite days are blue sky days, especially when it comes to sailing. I wouldn’t consider myself a pluviophile, something the Urban Dictionary describes as “one who is a lover of rain and one who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days”. But then again, when I think of it maybe I am. I find something about rainy days invigorating.

For me, rainy days provide the perfect opportunity to contemplate life and tune into my senses to experience the day more fully. One of my favorite things to do is walk in the rain. Five years back I discovered an amazing local treasure…the Siskiwit River, in Cornucopia Wisconsin. Though I was born and raised in this area I have never heard of this little slice of heaven that has always been right here in my backyard.

The Siskiwit River is a breathtaking place to be on a warm blue sky day. Though I have appreciated it even more as I’ve experienced it in the early morning hours, the evening, and especially rainy days. The shadows, and colors and smells are so intense. The smell, in particular, comforts me. It’s clean, it’s fresh. It’s almost indescribable. It’s something you must experience…a walk in this river on a rainy day.

Perhaps this love of rainy days stems back to my childhood home. I slept in a second floor bedroom. Going to sleep with the pitter patter of rain on my slanted roof, so close to my head as I slept on the top bunk. It’s a treasured memory and to this day, such a comforting sound. It’s music to my ears, like a sweet lullaby.

Here at Second Wind, I keep a little crate of rain ponchos in my little gift nook. Sometimes our guests are almost in despair when rain ruins their plans. To that, I say no, no no! It’s an opportunity to see life through new lenses. I hand out rain ponchos and encourage them to experience our local beaches and waterfalls in a new way, letting them know they’ll see intense color and smell new smells. It’s so good to experience the beauty of God’s creation in different seasons and different weather.

I’ve come to see in life that no one can rain on my parade. It’s a choosing. I get to choose joy each day. Which if I were to be honest, that is not always easy and some days impossible. Though many times I do choose rightly. And even if it’s a day of thunders and boomers…then I encourage the curling up with a good book, or sometimes even a good movie. Because like it doesn’t say in that old Carpenter’s hit song, rainy days and Mondays do not need to get you down.


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